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Customer case studies are a hot area for freelance writers. LOTS of organizations are capturing the success stories of their happy customers—and turning to freelance writers to help them do so.

As a writer, how can you deliver case studies that resonate with the audience—and sell for your clients?

In this 1-hour, free webinar, pick up a few tips for making your case studies effective for your clients. With stronger stories, you can command higher rates and keep clients coming back.

You’ll learn…

  • Why businesses need customer case studies more than ever
  • Why case studies work in marketing and selling
  • What written case studies look like
  • The writer’s role in the process of capturing case studies
  • How to get the 6 must-have pieces for case studies that compel and sell, from engaging quotes to powerful metrics

This isn’t a sales webinar. I share REAL information to improve your case studies today.


Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases has written more than 1,000 customer case studies in the past 20 years. She is the author of Stories That Sell, the first book on planning, creating and using customer case studies.