Frequently Asked Questions about The Case Study Copywriter’s Crash Course

Learn how to write case studies

Got questions about the course? Here are answers to some of the top questions we get:

What format is the course?

The course consists of pre-recorded webinars that you can watch any time you choose, at any pace, for as long as you need them. So if you want a refresh on your skills a year or two from now, just return to any of the lessons. You will also remain in the private Google and/or Facebook groups for any questions that arise as you apply the training in real-world scenarios, and can join the monthly group coaching calls (included).

Who is the course for?

The Crash Course is for anyone who wants to learn how to write customer case studies, manage the process and find clients for these types of projects – OR for those who already do case studies and are looking to sharpen any of the previously listed skills. 

Do I need any copywriting experience before starting the course?

It’s not strictly necessary to have copywriting experience before signing up, however, having some background in copywriting (or other types of writing) will shorten the learning curve for you. Maybe you’ve written in a previous job, have journalism experience or dabble in fiction writing. All that helps. That said, many students have taken my case study training without previous writing experience and have gone on to land case study projects successfully. The important thing is that you dedicate yourself to learning the material, studying examples, getting a sample or two, and looking for opportunities to build your skills. 

Is case study writing a fit for me?

Here’s what I have observed: Those who find case study writing a fit enjoy interviewing clients and happy customers (a part of every case study project), relish writing a compelling story, don’t mind writing for the needs of their clients, and (if freelancing) are willing to follow the steps outlined in the course to find clients. As a freelancer, you are a business owner, so learning how to market yourself is key. I offer guidance inspired by my own experience and from other writers.

Can I reasonably expect to get case study work after completing the course?

If you follow the step-by-step process in the course and put in the work, then yes, you can expect to land clients. Former students who follow the process definitely see that outcome – some very quickly.

Can I earn an income ONLY writing case studies, or should I write other forms of marketing copy too?

You can make an income only writing customer case studies. In fact, I’ve specialized in case studies for many years. However, the choice of doing so is personal. Some love only writing case studies, while other writers prefer the diversity of different forms of marketing copy. Also, as you grow your client base with case studies, and become known and valued as a case study writer, it can help to offer other forms of writing as a cushion while you increase your case study work. When I started specializing in case studies around 2001, I wrote other types of copy for a while and gradually transitioned to only writing case studies.

What types of copywriting go well with case studies?

You can be more attractive to prospective clients by offering complimentary copy such as blog posts, web copy, data sheets, emails and white papers. Clients who need case studies ALSO often need this kind of copy. However, per the question above, you can choose to write only case studies.

Is it realistic to expect to make $1000-1500 or more per case study?

Yes. Writers with some case study experience and skills can make that much on a typical, two-page case study. For shorter case studies and earlier in your career, projects may pay less than that. It’s all the more motivation to learn and refine the craft and create some stand-out samples to show prospective clients. As you gain more skills and experience, you’re more able to command rates on the higher end of the scale.

May I ask Casey questions during the course?

Yes! You can do this a few different ways. All students have the opportunity to be in the Google and/or Facebook groups for any questions that arise. Additionally, I lead monthly live Q&A calls that will be recorded and added to the course home page. I typically don’t answer questions one-on-one via email or other forums because I want all students to benefit from the answers.

How often do you offer the course?

Currently, you can sign up at any time, but course promotions come and go. 

What are the terms of the refund policy?

The official terms: Your satisfaction is important to us. We offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee for The Case Study Copywriter’s Crash Course. To be eligible for a refund, email us the reason for requesting a refund. The reason must be related to the content of the program itself and not because of a personal decision not to pursue case study writing. The refund will be for the cost of the course only and not include the cost of additional books, products, or programs purchased.

In other words, we are happy to provide a refund within 30 days of purchase when the course is not meeting your expectations.

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