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How Parature uses Case Studies

  • Web site collateral
  • Direct response campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Sales opportunities and presentations
  • Supporting monthly customer webinars
  • Up-selling and cross-selling to current customers
  • Alternative to customer reference calls

Compelling Cases Services

  • Questionnaire design
  • Results-focused interviewing
  • Written stories
  • End-to-end project management


  • Moving prospects further along in the sales cycle
  • Providing an industry-to-industry example, helping close sales
  • Helps land PR

With the recent economic downturn, companies now focus more than ever on maximizing marketing dollars. At Parature, maker of customer service software, case studies are a major component of the marketing mix because of their versatility.

“As we look at ways to bring more customers to the table, we believe that case studies are an outstanding way to do that,” said Gary McNeil, vice president of marketing. “Hearing about our product from the customer gives it more credibility and more weight.”

The Customer’s Voice

From lead nurturing to selling more to current customers, Parature features the voice of the customer at multiple points in the sales cycle.

The software company features satisfied customers on popular monthly webinars, and often distributes the written story to attendees. And a case study fills the role of at least one touch point in the lead nurturing process.

Parature blogs about its top customer stories, and drives traffic back with posts on Facebook and Twitter. On its web site, case studies provide more in-depth narrative to supplement video testimonials.

Most critically, a case study serves as a key tool in one-on-one sales conversations with prospects, as well as educating current customers about new Parature offerings. In fact, a recently created case study will help a large customer convince other departments about the power of Parature software.

Sales reps appreciate a regular stream of fresh stories, particularly showing results across diverse industries.

“We identify our important industries and try to get really good case studies in each of those segments.” McNeil said.

‘Saves Me So Much Time’

For several years, Parature has relied on Compelling Cases as its case study partner. McNeil brought firsthand knowledge of the firm’s capabilities after engaging Compelling Cases to create stories for two previous technology companies.

“I can completely trust Casey talking to our customers,” McNeil said. “Her style is such that she is able to get to the metrics, which for us are exceedingly important. She’s able to pull out all the good nuggets for our sales reps to use. And on top of it all, she’s just a pleasure to work with.”

Compelling Cases eases the sometimes difficult project management tasks of case studies by handling the end-to-end process – all the way through customer approval.

“Working with Compelling Cases has been a really good experience,” said Dayna Tenorio, marketing communications manager. “We’re a small marketing department, but we’re very busy. Having them work all the way through the approval process saves me so much time.”

On the strength of the ongoing relationship, McNeil has repeatedly referred technology marketing colleagues to Compelling Cases.

“Her reputation is just sterling,” McNeil said. “She’s always been a great person to work, with so much so that I recommended her firm to my peers. And I wouldn’t have done that had I not felt that strongly about her capabilities.”