Case Study Process

Case Study Process

Case studies are unlike other marketing projects; they involve your happiest customers. That’s why it’s essential to have a smooth, professional process and interface at every step.

1. Information Gathering

I do my homework before ever starting a project. I learn about your solutions and services, and talk with you to determine the goal of your case studies, the audience, and the key ideas that are important to feature. We also settle on the best format and length of the cases.

2. Strategic Question Development

I develop a customer interview questionnaire with the goal of getting customer comments to dovetail with your value proposition and to get strong return on investment metrics. That questionnaire is then customized for each customer interview.

3. Interviewing

  1. First, I gather background information on each project from someone within your organization – the person most familiar with the customer’s history and experience with your company.
  2. Next, I conduct interviews with customer contacts.

4. Review and Approval

  1. I develop a case study draft and send it to you for review and input.
  2. Then I send the polished draft to the featured customer for approval and any edits, checking back until approval is secured.
  3. I deliver a completed, finalized draft to you.

5. Design/Layout – Optional

If desired, my designer can flow your case study into an attractive layout that you can email or print for live events.