Case Study Services

Casey Hibbard explains the keys to creating a customer case study that sells

For prospective customers, nothing is more powerful than the positive experiences of your most successful customers.

I bring more than 15 years of experience—and a 1,000-case-study track record—to help you create and manage your customer case studies for the greatest impact in your sales and marketing.

Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

Customer stories (called case studies or success stories) capture the experiences and results of your customers—and drive home the impact of doing business with your organization. Typically one to four pages when completed, customer case studies provide the details that prospects need to gain confidence and make a decision about working with you. I offer journalism-quality writing and and interviewing skills to capture the most relevant details about your customers’ experiences in engaging, effective customer stories.

Strategic Testimonials

Testimonials, typically one to three sentences, capture your customer’s voice and express the value of doing business with your organization—while quickly fostering credibility. I bring years of interviewing experience to gather the most relevant information from your customers and craft testimonials that tell the customer’s story throughout your marketing.

Customer Success Stories Styled for PR Opportunities

PR is an essential element in gaining credibility and creating awareness for your organization. Publications are particularly interested in results-oriented, journalism-quality success stories about how a solution helped a specific customer solve a problem. With strong business journalism experience, I can help you leverage your customer experiences in articles customized for targeted publications.

Custom Corporate Case Study Training

Empower your team to create compelling case studies or learn how to build a best-practices customer case study program with custom corporate training.

Other Reference Assets

  • Customer success social media content – Graphical images for engaging social media posts on your customer stories
  • Infographics – Compelling images that highlight value, for stand-alone use or inclusion in a case study
  • Customer story sales slides – The customer’s story summarized on 1-2 slides for quick insertion in a presentation
  • Strategic testimonials – The customer’s story in a short format you can use throughout your marketing
  • Award submissions – Help with nominating your top customers for relevant industry awards
  • Customer success stories styled for PR opportunities – Results-oriented, journalism-quality success stories to pitch to key media
  • Sales-win stories – Stories that capture the details of sales wins to educate your sales force about what works