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In 2000, I wrote my first customer case study as a freelancer for a software company. It was the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship with customer stories (and fortunately, with that client too).

In 15 years, I’ve written and managed more than 1,000 customer success stories and case studies that have helped close countless deals, land major media coverage, and win awards for my clients and their featured customers.

When I first started, I had journalism and marketing communications experience.

But I had a lot to learn about how to create effective customer stories—stories that truly compel and sell.

In this 30-minute, complementary audio course, I share some of my top tipsfrom 15 years of experiencefor creating customer stories that earn their keep.

Class Take-Aways

  • The most important thing to consider before even starting a customer story
  • Why simply featuring a customer that’s “happy” isn’t enough
  • How to write and design for different types of readers
  • How the angle of a customer story can mean the difference between making a sale and your story being ignored
  • Meticulous interviewing to collect the building blocks of truly strong stories
  • Steps you must take to create unique—and more engaging—stories every time
  • How to employ tried-and-true story structure to keep readers reading
  • A more compelling format than the old “Challenge-Solution-Results” layout

Listen to the course today and start creating stories that deliver a higher return on your investment!


Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases has written more than 1,000 customer case studies in the past 15 years. She is author of Stories That Sell, the first book on planning, creating and using customer case studies.