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The #1 Faux Pas in the Customer Case Study»

By Casey Hibbard We’ve all been there, in a conversation with someone who only talks about himself/herself. You politely listen and ask questions, and the person asks nothing back. After. . .

The Art of the Customer-Success Social Post»

By Casey Hibbard As content marketing goes, case studies, admittedly, are not the fastest and easiest to crank out, but they are worth it. Customer stories are some of the. . .

Are Anonymous Case Studies Worth the Time – and Money?»

June 2016 Top 10 retailer. Large manufacturing company. Global consulting firm. Fortune 50 company. Major financial services company. They’re some of the world’s largest and best-known business names, but they’re. . .

Customer Stories – When Video, When Written?»

Satisfied customers are suddenly the stars of countless videos all over corporate web sites and YouTube.com. That has a lot of businesses asking, should we be doing video, written or both?