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Want to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income with Higher-Paying Projects?

Add Fun, Lucrative Customer Case Studies to Your Copywriting Business

An On-Demand Course for New Case Study Writers, with Guidance from Case Study Specialist and Author, Casey Hibbard

7 hours of instruction, plus handouts and online forum support! When? Anytime You’re Ready to Start!

Dear Copywriter:

One of the fastest-growing opportunities for freelance copywriters today – and best paid – is customer case studies.

Clients hire freelance writers to interview their happy customers and then write a story about how a product or service made a difference for a real customer.

Thousands of companies today market their products and services with customer stories. Companies like Microsoft and SAP create hundreds every year, and small to mid-size companies need to bring more stories to their sales teams consistently. They’re particularly hot in the technology and business services industries.

Yet many companies struggle to find decent case study writers. They’re willing to pay handsomely for a writer who can craft stories that sell – in the $1200-1800 range (or more!) for a 2-pager.

“My client was very pleased with the case study I delivered. I owe that to your first-rate course (Mad Skills) and your excellent book. I have been referencing those resources constantly, for everything from how to format the draft document to how to manage the process. I am very grateful that you created those outstanding resources and made them available. I am delighted to be able to add case studies to my repertoire.”

– Tracy Hume, Freelance Writer

1,000 Case Studies and Counting

I’ve personally written more than 1,000 customer case studies over the past 15 or so years. But that’s not where I started.

As a freelance copywriter, first I wrote everything. But when a client asked me to write a case study, I knew I’d found my niche.

It’s a chance to interview happy people, and then write a compelling story. Fun, actually! And even better, most of the time you can handle the project from anywhere.

Now I work with clients that create multiple case studies a year, and they rely on my help and expertise to get them done.

How did I get here? Learning from trial-and-error over the years.

But you don’t need years to learn the basics and start building revenue with case studies.

How Do You Succeed in this Lucrative Market?

If you’re a marketing copywriter who doesn’t do case studies, you’re leaving money on the table.

But customer case studies are unlike other marketing projects. Your clients hire you to interview their happy customers directly and then write a compelling story – and may ask you to manage review and approval of that story.

It’s not more difficult than other marketing writing, but does require specific skills and know-how. 

Instruction from a Leading Case Study Specialist

In The Case Study Writer’s Mad Skills Crash Course, learn from-the-trenches tips from me, Casey Hibbard. I have written more than 1,000 case studies for dozens of companies and wrote the first book on the subject, Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset.

Maybe you already have the book and just need help getting started or with approaching clients.

“The Case Study Mad Skills Crash Course is the blueprint for writing case studies. It’s a concise, no-fluff approach for freelancers and staff writers who want to hone their skills and stay competitive. Learn everything you need to write revenue-generating case studies and get support and feedback along the way. One of the best business investments I’ve made!”

– Sandra Jean-Louis, Freelance Copywriter

Step-By-Step Guidance to Interviewing, Writing and More

This course gives you everything you need to add customer case studies to your copywriting business:

  • Sharpen your interviewing, writing and project management skills
  • Take away handouts and checklists to guide you on each project
  • Understand what clients want to hear when evaluating your services
  • Learn from a case study veteran – what to do and what NOT to do

More Confidently Go After Well-Paying Case Study Projects

Get the mad skills to add case studies to your “menu” of copywriting services and you can…

  • Create a new revenue stream for your business
  • Set yourself apart from other writers
  • More confidently go after clients or jobs

New Tips and Skills Every Week

This course introduces a new, vital skill each week:

Mad Skill #1: Know Your Stuff

  • The big-picture case study process and how the writer fits in
  • How to ramp up strategically on a client’s products/services/solutions
  • Can’t-miss questions to ask your new client
  • The info you absolutely have to have before you start a case study project

Mad Skill #2: Interview Like a Pro

  • What makes a great interview?
  • How to design interview questions that get subjects talking and help you draw out the story
  • Suggested interview questions for B2B, B2C, consulting and technology subject matter
  • The art and science of interviewing your clients’ happy customers
  • Interview logistics – prepping interviewees, length, recording, transcribing, note-taking, conference calls, time zones, etc.

Mad Skill #3: Capture Measurable Results

  • Uncovering potential areas for customer results
  • The math you need to know
  • Improve your odds of getting measurable results
  • How to get customers to actually measure their success
  • Getting customers to agree to share results publicly
  • How to make results stand out in your case studies

Mad Skill #4: Write a Story that Sells

  • 6 Traits of case studies that compel and sell
  • How to go from raw information to a compelling case study
  • Case study formats
  • What clients are looking for in their case studies
  • What to include and what to leave out

Mad Skill #5: Craft Killer Headlines, Subheads, Sidebars and Quotes

  • 4 elements of a headline that grabs a reader’s attention
  • Writing for “readers” and “skimmers”
  • When to use – and not to use – customer quotes
  • Telling a story with headlines and subheads
  • How much to edit or “change” customer quotes

Mad Skill #6: Finding and Landing Case Study Clients

  • Defining the types of clients that are right for you
  • Who hires freelance case study writers?
  • Chicken and egg: Getting portfolio samples without clients, and clients without samples
  • 8 sources of potential clients
  • How to approach prospective clients
  • Selling clients on case studies

Mad Skill #7: Be the Go-To Writer for Clients

  • Pricing and proposing projects
  • Setting delivery dates for unpredictable projects like case studies
  • How/when to invoice for case studies
  • Who manages what on case study projects – you vs. the client
  • Knowledge and practices that will make you more valuable to clients
  • Add-on services that increase your income
  • Guiding clients on ways to use their stories

“Casey’s course was essential in providing me with the skills, content, and confidence to approach clients. She’s generous with her knowledge and a nice person, too! I would highly recommend the course.”

– LJ Anderson, Freelance Writer

The course also includes…

  • A transcript and recording of each class
  • Tons of handouts to enhance your learning and support every case study project
  • A Google group for posting your questions for Casey and other students
  • NEW! Casey’s review and feedback on one case study draft – whenever you’re ready

“I’ve spent a small fortune taking copywriting courses from the biggest names in the field. So I know what’s out there. Casey Hibbard’s course The Case Study Copywriter’s Mad Skills Crash Course is hands down one of the all-time-best courses I’ve ever taken.  And in terms of value it’s hands down the best. Hibbard truly over delivers.”

– Dave Monroe, Certified Content Marketer & Guerilla Marketing Coach

Well Beyond Just a Writing Course

Maybe you’ve thought about adding case studies to your menu of services, but have lacked the skills or confidence to go after this market. Case studies simply aren’t like your average brochure or web copy. They involve a multi-step process with your clients’ happiest customers.

Other case study programs focus mostly on writing case studies.

This course covers:

  1. how to interview like a pro
  2. how to create case studies
  3. how to manage the process smoothly with your clients and their customers, and
  4. how to find and land these types of projects.

It also includes a full module on types of clients to target and how to approach them.

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The typical case study project will easily pay back the cost of the course by 4x or more!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, we will refund your money at any time during the course, or within 60 days after purchase.


Casey Hibbard

P.S. – Again, this is no risk. If you give the course a fair chance, and find it’s not for you, then I will refund your money.

P.P.S. – Remember, the typical case study project will easily pay back the cost of the course by 4x or more.