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Authentic customer stories provide powerful evidence that gives buyers the confidence to buy.

That’s why companies are increasingly adding case studies and success stories to their marketing mix.

In turn, it’s become a huge, and growing, opportunity for copywriters.

Yet how do you write a case study or success story in the most compelling way—in a way that engages readers and converts prospects into customers?

We break it down for you.

Download the 2-part teleclass, Writing a Compelling Customer Story—Start to Finish.

The teleclass takes you through the steps of how to construct a story that resonates with readers, and makes a compelling case for the company, products and services.

This course breaks down 10 years of case study writing experience to show you how to build an effective story every step of the way.

In two, one-hour sessions, we take a hands-on approach to creating an actual customer success story that engages readers and convinces them that the featured solutions deliver what they promise!

Gain essential insight that will immediately improve the quality and impact of your stories.

  • Create stories that drive results for sales and marketing teams
  • Learn 4 essential steps to take before interviewing the customer
  • Craft interview questions that uncover compelling angles and measurable results
  • Organize information into the most critical story “chunks”
  • Write in a compelling “feature story” format
  • Craft a story “lead”
  • Pick customer quotes that enhance the story
  • Keep the tone journalistic – not overly promotional
  • Write for readers and skimmers
  • Create headlines and subheads that serve as “signposts” in your story
  • Understand how to end a story gracefully
  • Construct effective sidebar summaries
  • Know what makes a compelling layout

When you complete the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of how a compelling case comes together—and be ready to create stories that sell!


The full course is TWO parts. Optional Stories that Sell book available as hard-cover or PDF download.


Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases has written more than 1,000 customer case studies in the past 15 years. She is author of Stories That Sell, the first book on planning, creating and using customer case studies.