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Businesses will need hero stories during and after COVID-19

Hurricanes. Riots. COVID-19.

They’re all disasters in some form, and they’ve all been reasons why I’ve landed copywriting work with clients over the years.

Right now – even as we all sit isolated in our homes – unprecedented stories are happening.

There are countless save-the-day tales to be told during the COVID-19 crisis and when it’s passed.

I know because, over the years, I’ve captured case studies on…

  • How telecom enabled businesses to continue despite hurricanes 
  • How a solution kept employees informed and safe during riots

And currently, one of my clients is using stories to educate customers about how to continue to do business effectively – but differently – through a pandemic.

Businesses need to tell these hero stories during a crisis and in the aftermath.

If you’re a copywriter, look for businesses and solutions such as…

  • Those enabling better remote working, from virtual meetings and events to team collaboration
  • Solutions that help parents homeschool their suddenly at-home kids
  • Online education and training of all types as out-of-work individuals look to add new skills
  • Businesses that help people exercise or do other hobbies at home
  • Job search sites and providers

It’s by no means a complete list.

Get creative. What are the solutions that you and those you know depend on during this time?

But steer clear of consumer brands like Clorox and Costco – though in demand currently – that typically rely on other forms of media for their marketing.

Smart copywriters, do your homework to find those needing to tell their hero stories.