«return to Tip of the Month ListingWhen Securing Customer Buy-in, It Matters Who Asks

When someone we know and trust approaches us with a request, we’re likely to respond quite differently than if the same request comes from a stranger. The same goes for approaching customers about being featured in case studies.

When it comes to your customer’s agreement to share their success story, the asker matters. Choose an individual who has an established relationship with the customer—like a sales or account rep, or reseller partner—to contact that customer. Because the customer knows the individual asking, he or she will have more buy-in on the project and be more inclined to agree or to work on securing the company’s permission.

When it comes time to push the case study through approval, this relationship can make the difference. At times, a check-in from the trusted contact can help you wrap up final approval. If you take this important first step, you’ll get off on the right foot and help the entire process go more smoothly.