«return to Tip of the Month ListingA Don’t-Miss Step: Formally Thank Featured Customers

When your customers sign off giving final approval of case studies, the process shouldn’t stop there. Establish a formal method of thanking customers for their time and willingness to share their success stories.

Here are some suggested steps for completing the loop with your case study customers:

  • Mail a handwritten thank-you note from someone at your company who was involved in the case study project, such as an account manager.
  • Have the customer’s account manager or sales rep place a follow-up call thanking them personally.
  • Send complementary company promotional items—a mug, pen, baseball cap, t-shirt—along with a thank-you card.
  • Send some other type of gift items, such as gourmet food products or a gift certificate.
  • When the case study is in its final layout, send the PDF or Web link. If printed, send the customer several copies. You’d be surprised how many end up framed and mounted on customers’ walls.

You don’t have to spend a lot to thank your customer. However you choose to show your appreciation, the gesture will be very appreciated—and will make customers more amenable when you contact them again with PR or Webinar opportunities.