«return to Tip of the Month ListingEducate Your Sales Team with Sales Case Studies

Your customer success stories are an important way of educating prospects about the value of your solutions. Likewise, internal sales case studies show your sales team the strategies and tactics other reps have used successfully.

For example, several sales reps at a large Denver employee benefits company recently began using a strategy to increase policy renewal rates. The company captured the details of that strategy—the how, when and why—in a sales case study that’s shared with reps nationwide.

Because these stories are for internal eyes only, they’re easier to create. You only interview internal contacts and avoid a review cycle.

Here are a few valuable pieces of an effective sales success story:

  • Collect more detail on which specific competitive solutions the customer considered. No need to worry about mentioning competitors in internal-only docs.
  • Explain in-depth why the customer chose your solution.
  • Highlight any strategies that were used to land the sale or increase the value of the sale: promotions, negotiating tactics, etc.