«return to Tip of the Month ListingEvangelize Sales Best Practices with Internal Sales Success Stories

You already know that customer success stories are an important way of educating prospects about the value of your solutions. Likewise, internal sales success stories help you share best practices and strategies across your sales team.

Take a Denver-based employee benefits company, for example. With a large, nationwide sales force, the company wanted to spread the word about the strategy a few sales reps successfully used to enhance policy renewals for existing customers. The company captured the details of that approach—the how, when and why—in a sales success story that now educates reps nationwide.

Because these stories are for internal eyes only, you only need to interview internal contacts—and you avoid a lengthy review cycle.

Here are a few components of effective sales success stories:

  • Competitive positioning – Feature plenty of detail on the competitive solutions the customer considered. In internal-only docs, it’s valuable and acceptable to mention competitive solutions and why the customer chose yours.
  • The complete M.O. – Explain the process, tactics and communications reps employed to land the deal. What was the timing? What was the value proposition that mattered to the customer?
  • Trade secrets – Highlight any strategies that were used to clinch the deal or increase the value of the sale: promotions, negotiating tactics, etc.
  • Hints and tips – Offer helpful suggestions such as the types of prospects with which this approach and strategy might work best.
  • Say it succinctly! Keep it short, engaging and scannable for sales reps that would rather spend their time selling.