«return to Tip of the Month ListingMake it Simple for Prospects: Keep Case Studies with Product and Services Information on Your Corporate Site

By their very nature, customer case studies are designed to make a “case” for your company, products and services. They complement and support your presentations, demos and other communications.

But often, customer case studies are separated in a section by themselves—without links elsewhere—on corporate Web sites. On many sites, visitors are forced to hunt for them using the site map or search feature.

When a prospect visits your Web site to research a product or service, they should find all the necessary materials and links—demos, data sheets, white papers, case studies, etc.—right on the main product page.

Your case studies can reside in one section, but advertise them at all relevant places on your site. Feature new ones right on your home page. You can even go a step further in catering to prospects’ need for information by allowing them to search by industry or product to find one that best matches their situation.

In short, make it easy for site visitors to find your success stories.