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An extensive, effective reseller channel is critical to the growth and success of your solutions and company. Just as customer success stories convey the value of your solutions to prospective customers, reseller success stories help you grow your base of partners or improve the effectiveness of your existing channel.

Prospective partners need to understand the business ramifications of being a reseller for your solutions. How will representing your products and services mean growth for their businesses? Current resellers need to know what best practices other partners follow for success.

Consider hitting on these key points when creating partner success stories:

  • The reputation of your company – How does your name and reputation help resellers open doors?
  • The quality/capabilities of your solutions – What about your solutions makes it an easier sell for partners?
  • Sales and marketing support – What does your company provide that does some of the sales and marketing work for resellers, such as leads and sales support on deals?
  • Tech support – How does the quality and responsiveness of your tech support keep resellers’ customers content?
  • Marketing resources – What demos, collateral, customer stories, webinars, etc. do you provide to partners to help them sell your solutions?
  • Training – How well do you equip resellers with the knowledge to sell your products and services?
  • Certification – How does being certified on specific solutions help partners grow their customer bases?
  • Revenue/growth – How have specific partners expanded their businesses since signing on?
  • Best practices – What have top partners done right?