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When selling to prospects, there’s nothing more compelling than your customers’ success stories. Same goes when pitching to the media. Business publications are always on the prowl for powerful, detailed anecdotes about how companies are solving their business problems.

Tell them how your company effectively addressed its customers’ business challenges. Once you’ve captured your customer successes in attractive, journalism-quality stories, turn them into contributed articles for targeted publications in your industry or the featured customer’s industry. Just follow a few key steps:

  • Secure permission first. Approach your target publications about contributing an article, bylined by someone in your company, on a topic of interest to their readers. Pay particular attention to publications’ editorial calendars for topic opportunities.
  • Turn a relevant success story into a contributed article. Make sure you match the publication’s editorial guidelines for length, format and style.
  • Be sure to tone down the focus on your own organization, products and services. You can mention your company and product names, but keep the spotlight on the end customer’s needs and business results.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to publicize your successes! One Colorado software company has successfully recycled nearly every one of its customer success stories as published contributed articles.