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Those who sell know that “warm calling” is the way to go. Unlike cold calling, warm calling typically involves approaching a contact of one of your existing contacts, making for a warmer introduction.

Customer case studies can play an important role in warm calling, especially when you’re looking to sell further into an existing client’s organization. Many companies have multiple branches, divisions, departments, subsidiaries, etc. If one group has realized success with your product or service, leverage that success to sell further into that same organization.

For example, a software company recently created a customer case study featuring the success of one branch of a major nationwide financial institution. The branch had become the #1 branch largely due to productivity with the software. Using a success story on that branch, the software company got in the door with leaders at the national headquarters and are now in talks to take the software to more branches nationwide. “The case study has been extremely important in our sales efforts,” the account rep noted.