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Do you have the perfect customer success story to tell, but just can’t get your customer to go on record?

More than likely, you’ve seen this challenge before. In fact, securing permission to feature satisfied customers is one of the top issues many companies face when pursuing case studies and testimonials. Whether it’s for competitive reasons or other concerns, your customer just may not agree—no matter how happy they are.

However, there are options that might just get the “yes” you need. Consider asking for internal, or non-public, use of the customer’s story. Whereas public use would mean featuring the story on your Web site, in your newsletter, in email campaigns, at trade shows, or using it in media efforts, permission to use the story for non-public use would relegate it to your internal sales processes only. Your reps would only share it one-on-one with other prospects and customers.

Though limited, this option is acceptable to many companies and it still allows you to leverage your most powerful customer success stories where it matters most – in demonstrating value to prospective customers, or up-selling features and options to current customers.