«return to Tip of the Month ListingUncover More Case Study Clients: Look for B2B Prospects

By Casey Hibbard

How do you increase the chances of landing case study writing projects in your niche?

No matter which industry (or industries) you focus on, look for the B2B opportunities.

Take some recent examples from some of my students…

If your niche is healthcare, instead of reaching out to healthcare providers as clients, instead look for products, services and companies that SELL TO healthcare providers.

Hospital and medical providers use dozens or hundreds of products and services: software, medical devices, services such as insurance auditing, bill collections and more.

Do your research to create a big list of all the solutions that target the healthcare industry. Search: “healthcare industry technology” or “healthcare industry solutions.”

Another former student focuses on the food industry. While restaurants don’t typically create case studies, companies that SELL TO food industry businesses do.

Think point-of-sale applications, social media or advertising agencies, consultants that help get new products into stores, packaging companies and more. Search suggestion: “food industry technology.”

Whatever your industry, target the B2B players to expand your pool of case study opportunities and grow your income.