«return to Tip of the Month ListingWhat’s Your Thank-You Protocol?

In many cases, customer success stories are win-win for all parties involved. They publicly showcase successes and innovation for companies, their partners and customers.

Yet, regardless of any positive publicity and exposure that is expected to result, it’s essential to thank customers for simply giving their time—immediately after they have participated in a reference activity.

To accomplish this, formalize your thank-you process:

  • List a thank-you task as a final step in your complete reference or success story process
  • Choose your thank-you method—handwritten card, discount, gift, company swag, etc.—and ensure you have what you need on hand or readily available
  • Establish a point person to send this out, perhaps tying this activity to another action item (i.e. whenever you post a testimonial or other reference content online, or send it to design)

You don’t have to spend much. It’s definitely the thought that counts. This gesture assures customers that you appreciate their time and participation.