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By Casey Hibbard

As content marketing goes, case studies, admittedly, are not the fastest and easiest to crank out, but they are worth it.

Customer stories are some of the most engaging and sought-after content for buyers, and have a long shelf life.

And because they’re not overtly promotional, you can share and re-share them repeatedly without annoying your customers and prospects.

Yet too many organizations hang case studies on their web sites and leave it at that. Smart companies today boost the traffic to their case studies with engaging social posts.

Here are 3 tips for leveraging social channels to get more traffic to your case studies:

  1. Choose the right social platforms

If you’re a B2B organization, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top choices. One tech company reported that posts featuring case studies and white papers generated 25-50% more impressions than other posts on LinkedIn specifically. However, I hear that increasingly B2B companies are using Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat to share content creatively.

Here’s how Sage software features its customers on Instagram:

Sage quotes the featured customer, a small business. In frequent posts such as this, Sage doesn’t even necessarily mention its own company name.

If you’re a B2C organization, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are likely your top choices.

  1. Include images or videos

Consider this: Tweets with images are retweeted 150% more than tweets without images. And Facebook posts with images garner 2.3X more engagement than those without images.  

Avaya features high-impact photos of its customers:

Scaled Agile includes bulleted highlights and customer logos:

Sure, creating a visual social post takes more time and money but it pays off in increased engagement and delivers a higher return on investment on customer case studies.

  1. Craft an engaging headline

Build interest and excitement for the story with an engaging teaser such as…

How did Swisscom cut time to market in half?


Learn how the NY Mets lowered costs while enhancing the stadium experience

Be sure to include relevant hashtags.

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