Tip of the Month

Boost Loyalty, References with Customer Communities»

From the playgrounds to neighborhoods to workplaces, everyone wants to feel like they are part of a community. Those who do feel part of something are typically more satisfied with their environments.

Educate Your Sales Team with Sales Case Studies»

Your customer success stories are an important way of educating prospects about the value of your solutions. Likewise, internal sales case studies show your sales team the strategies and tactics other reps have used successfully.

Reach Your Reseller Audience»

Just as customer success stories convey the value of your solutions to prospective customers, reseller success stories help you grow your base of partners or improve the effectiveness of your existing channel.

The Nuances of Marketing to IT Pros»

Do you market to IT pros? If you sell a technology product or service, chances are, your audience includes IT pros—a breed all their own.

Trouble Getting Customer Buy-in?»

Securing permission to feature satisfied customers is one of the top issues many companies face when pursuing case studies and testimonials.