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Several times a week, an appeal for funds from a charity (or alma mater) arrives in my mailbox or inbox. The same organizations contact me over and over.

It’s annoying, but if they don’t ask for contributions, they usually don’t get them.

That’s just how it works. We have too much going through our heads. If you’re in an asking position, you have to be in the audience’s line of sight often if you hope to get a response.

The same goes for the quest for case study or success story candidates and reference customers. Marketing and reference managers are constantly looking for stellar customers to include in reference activities.

You have to remind teams inside your company and out – employees, partners and customers – what you need.

1.  To start, make sure your wish list is current and specific.

Evaluate your inventory of references and case studies to ID what you need most. Maybe that’s financial services companies using your new Product M, or education industry customers that have recently migrated to your SaaS offering.

The point is, always know what you need.

2.  Then, take your requests to all your communication channels that touch employees, partners and customers:

  • Sales meetings
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Employee newsletters or intranet
  • Partner/reseller newsletters and online communities
  • Customer newsletters
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • E-mail
  • Partner events

3.  Next, make it easy to submit a candidate or themselves. Ideally, direct everyone to a short online form to collect a few key details.

Then a marketing or reference manager can follow up to pre-qual the candidate.

Just remember, be specific and make it easy – and you should up your response rates.

What has worked for you in getting case study candidates?