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Today’s Prospects Evaluate You on These 4 Criteria»

Sales isn’t what it used to be. Prospects are more overwhelmed than ever before. They’re pulled in a dozen different directions at any time, challenging them to actually get anything. . .

Putting Social Media Theory into Practice – Learn from 171 Authors»

About three years ago, a conversation between an American and an Australian – who have never met face to face – planted a seed. The ideas of marketers Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton. . .

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What a Screenwriting Guru Can Teach You About Ditching the Sales PowerPoint»

My friend Steve Kayser, a media relations director and prolific writer, recently shared a brilliant interview he conducted with Robert McKee, best-selling author of “STORY.”

The First Book on Case Studies – Now Available!»

Ten years ago this month, my phone rang. On the other end was a client with a new project—a case study on one of the software company’s satisfied customers. Admittedly,. . .

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Geico’s Real Customers»

Many commercials use customer success stories, but Geico insurance has taken a creative twist the past few years. Instead of using just a real customer, or just a celebrity, they. . .