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A guest post by Belle Belace

It’s no wonder storytelling is one of today’s most powerful content marketing tools. It provokes emotions and creates a connection between companies and their audience.

Moreover, it’s not all about the company and showcasing their products or services. Storytelling shows real life experiences that we can all relate to. This is why some brand stories are unforgettable and successful, while some aren’t.

If you’re planning to use storytelling to promote your business or startup, consider these five effective business storytelling techniques from Eric Hinson, founder of Explainify, which are neatly listed in this infographic made with Visme.

Now let’s turn these techniques into examples.

1. No emotional connection, no story.

Perfect example: American Express Featuring Tina Fey

While it’s a humorous ad, it lacks a brand story. We may laugh, but we’re not building a deeper connection with the brand.

2. Main point: A good story starts a movement

Perfect example: Toms

When you buy a pair of Toms, you also help someone in need. Toms gives away a second pair for every sale. Their story shows and makes us feel that we can partner with Toms to help more people.

3. Main point: Show who you really are

Perfect example: GoPro

There’s an instant connection when the leader or founder shares the story of his or her company. It shows us the people behind the product or service. If it’s presented authentically, it’s not all about making more money or encouraging people to support you but rather about sharing the brand or origin story.

4. Main point: Use metaphors so your audience will easily understand

Perfect example: Samsung’s Ostrich

Samsung’s ostrich commercial tells the story of an ostrich that takes flight, encouraging us to believe that we can achieve the impossible or what we think is impossible.

5. Main point: If it’s effective, it would be everywhere

Perfect example: Lego – as always!

Who doesn’t love Lego as a product, brand and a storyteller? In The Lego Movie, Lego brilliantly incorporated their famous building blocks to share with us a powerful and relatable story. In creating a feel-good story, we in turn feel good about Lego. Lego inspired a lot of people – including me – to embrace their inner child, express their creativity and believe in themselves.

There are tons of amazing brand stories out there to discover. Take that inspiration and create unforgettable stories of your own.

Belle Belace is the social media strategist at Visme, a one stop online visual tool where anyone can create engaging presentations, infographics and other visuals.


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