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Energize Growth Now

How do you grow a company that has value and wealth in the eyes of your customers, partners, and potential investors or buyers?

At a recent event, I met Lisa Nirell, chief energy officer of EnergizeGrowth and author of Energize Growth Now: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company.

Lisa brings tons of experience working with companies like Sony, Microsoft, BMC Software and Oppenheimer funds in helping maximize performance, attract great clients and reach their full value potential.

I interviewed Lisa about some of the ways companies can boost their wealth.

This complementary audio interview highlights…

  • How companies have to grow differently than they did 10 years ago
  • 7 criteria of a wealthy company
  • Building wealth in the eyes of your customers and employees
  • Questions to ask customers to help you work toward greater value
  • How she uses her own success “sound bites” when on the phone with prospects

Access the full PDF transcript here»

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