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When you read magazines or newspapers, you’re naturally drawn to the stories with an attractive design and engaging writing. Customer stories are no different.

In case studies and success stories, I often encourage companies to move from a flat format to something that resembles a feature story.

USA.NET, a hosted business email company, does this beautifully. In the example here, the company features its customer, MTM Luxury Lodging.

Inviting Design

USA.NET takes the opportunity to showcase a stunning photo of one of the customer’s hotels. It also pulls the highlights into a sidebar and includes a featured quote.

Engaging Editorial

The story includes a descriptive headline and subheads, rather than just "Problem-Solution-Results" headings. And it dives right into an interesting story from the start, rather than just using the lodging company’s boilerplate description.

Everything comes together to make a case study that prospects and potential media outlets will want to read. See the full case here.

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