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I just saw an article on the Home Accents Today site about a unique marketing and customer loyalty strategy by a home furnishings manufacturer.

The CEO of Guildmaster will spend three months traveling 15,000 miles to meet retailers and interior designers – primarily to collect stories.

“This journey is intended to unearth some great customer stories across America,” said Steve Crowder, CEO. “We are going to gather some valuable information and then we will take the information learned on the road and we will execute.”

Then, Crowder will share insights learned on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s interactive in that contacts in those groups can tell Crowder what they want to know from his meetings.

I find this a very cool move by a more traditional type of business. He’ll be using social media to share stories and insight.

Plus, it also points to one of the biggest benefits of collecting your customer stories – insight to shape your company’s strategy and marketing efforts.

3 Responses to CEO on Tour – Looking for Customer Success Stories

  1. Mike says:

    What a great idea. How cool is it that it is the CEO making the trip as opposed to a team of sales people.

  2. Lori Davault says:

    I agree. This is a company making the effort to make sure to survive in these times as well as connecting with customers offering them a glimmer of hope that there are still hard working CEO’s out there with everyones best interest in mind.

  3. Mike and Lori,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, it’s unique for the CEO to actually do this trip, instead of someone else. It’s a big guesture at a time when it’s needed.