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Most of us – for better or worse – have had a fast-food hamburger. It usually arrives in paper, often drippy and with an already soggy bun. The burger gets the job done, but not memorably.

Compare that to eating the hamburger at an upscale restaurant. The menu talks about “grass-fed” beef, “artisanal” bread and maybe a house-made aioli mayonnaise. Then, someone slides it gingerly in front of you on a modern square plate with toppings on the side that look fresh from the farmer’s market.

They’re completely different experiences – and all in the presentation.

Customer case studies and success stories are just as subject to packaging and presentation. You can lay out just the facts, or you can tell a STORY.

Volvo Construction Equipment gets it. They know they’re not just selling construction equipment. In the story below, they’re selling better, cheaper road maintenance.


The packaging: an intriguing, well-written customer success story. Volvo tells the tale of a rural Alabama county’s plight after receiving 12 inches of rain in a single day.

What does Volvo do right?

Feature-story format – The tale takes the form of an engaging feature story like you’d see in a magazine. It doesn’t go traditional by blocking text into Challenge-Solution-Results sections.

Strong writing – The writing is specific and sets the scene about the toll of the heavy rain.

Authentic quotes – The quotes sound genuinely spoken by the guys in the field using the equipment, which adds authenticity with the audience.

Clear results – Volvo highlights measurable and anecdotal results.

If Volvo can make a tractor sound interesting, then there’s hope for whatever your product or service is. 

Whatever you’re selling, you can wrap your customer’s story in cheap paper or present it elegantly.

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