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Last week, the Hubspot blog ran a story with lessons from the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, “27 Marketing Lessons B2B Marketers Should Know.”

I picked up some fresh new tips and important reminders.

You can accomplish several of the lessons with the help of customer case studies and success stories.

Here’s one of the lessons and how customer stories tie in…

“Solve problems for customers, and leverage marketing to demonstrate these solutions.”

Isn’t that why you’re in business, to solve problems for customers, no matter what you sell?

Yet, often it’s not clear to potential customers if and how you can solve their problems – despite all you might invest in web and brochure copy.

You have to SHOW prospects…

  • The types of problems you solve
  • For whom you solve problems
  • How you solve those problems
  • And the end result of solving those problems

The best way? With examples of your happy customers’ successes.

Ultimately, prospects believe your satisfied customers more than they believe you. Always integrate that voice into your marketing.

Watch this space for more ways to use customer stories to achieve some of Hubspot’s B2B lessons.

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