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While reading Fast Company magazine, I came across an AT&T ad featuring a customer success story. The ad’s headline read "Chad Harris’ Small Business Moment."

It went on to highlight, in a paragraph, how the business owner seized an opportunity with his smartphone and AT&T Small Business Solutions. He checked inventory, got pricing and submitted a bid – all from a remote jobsite – and won the job. The full-page ad also features what looks like a stone monument of Harris with his smartphone in one hand and a shovel in the other.

It’s attractive and engaging – and a great example of using customer success stories in advertising. The ad encourages readers to read about more of these moments online.

In advertising, you can capture customer success stories in short snippets like this or in longer advertorials. But no matter which length you choose, it has to tell a story. AT&T succeeds in telling this story in 5 sentences.

I’m always on the lookout for great examples of using customer stories in sales, marketing and PR. Anytime you run across one, let me know!

3 Responses to Customer Successes in Advertising: AT&T’s “Small Business Moments”

  1. Hi Casey,
    good example. Most of the common ads with Case-Study-Content have one mistake: they don’t forward to deeper information.
    Do you have a scan of the AT&T-Ad?

  2. Casey,
    I’ve got to pick up a copy of Wired today to see this ad.
    When I suggest writing about customer success stories to my clients, they think it would be a good idea. But when they actually experience the results, they are blown away.
    Their prospects really connect to case studies in a way unlike any other form of marketing material.
    Keep writing this remarkable blog, it is one of my daily reads.

  3. Casey says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for reading!
    It’s in the June issue of Fast Company. I tried to find it online as well, but couldn’t. And the page I tore out was not a clean enough tear to scan! I’ll continue looking.
    Customer success stories make so much sense and are so effective, but they are a bit more involved so companies shy away. It’s very worth the effort though.