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Think getting great PR takes diligent relationship-building with editors? Not always.

With most publications running in print AND online today, editors are constantly looking for fresh, interesting content. And as we’ve said before, customer success stories and case studies are in high demand.

When a client landed one of its case studies on the online version of a major industry publication recently, I wanted the details on how they got the story picked up.

Here’s my client’s answer:

“A summer marketing assistant basically just reached out to this publishing group and was told they could use a story to spotlight. Nothing super difficult!”

Impressive. It’s not always this easy, but I’ve heard enough similar stories to know it’s worth a try.

The story

The engineering software company’s case study featured how one of its customers used the product on a major Canadian highway project.

The original case study

The software company initially created a two-page case study with a software screen shot and photo.

How it was submitted to the publication

The marketing assistant turned the story into a by-lined article, in this case by me (the writer).

What ran

The publication ran the story nearly as-is, shortening it just a bit. Here’s the final story.

How to increase your chances

What really contributed to success here? My guesses:

  • The article aligned with the publication’s audience – their needs and concerns
  • It was submitted in a way that matched the editorial guidelines
  • It tells an interesting story

What are your success stories in getting PR placed using customer case studies?

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