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Stories are everywhere these days.

And while businesses have always used stories to connect with their audiences, we seem to be in the midst of a story resurgence. New books, blogs and articles regale the power of story to win friends and influence people, and are filled with examples of organizations doing just that.

An upcoming online conference celebrates story and brings together some of the top names in storytelling today – Reinvention Summit 2: An Online Conference for Storytelling in the Digital Age (April 16-20). It’s not just about customer storytelling but about the power and practice of story in general, with much of that translating to customer stories.

I’m excited to attend. And I just happen to have one extra ticket to GIVE AWAY.

How can you score my free ticket?

  1. Go to the Stories that Sell Facebook fan page
  2. Post on the wall or on my recent Reinvention Summit entry a link to one of your favorite examples of a great customer success story/case study. I’d love examples of how organizations are communicating their customer success stories/case studies in clear, powerful and engaging ways.

Anyone who shares a link to a customer story will be entered into a drawing for the ticket, with one winner. You have until midnight EST on April 10 to enter.

Looking forward to seeing your favorite case studies!

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