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A public-shared customer case study is the jewel in a marketer’s crown. No one says it better and more credibly than they do.

It’s especially powerful when customers stand up and speak at events; they’re the most enthusiastic of the bunch. But how do you extend the reach of that talk beyond the room and beyond that hour?

Here are four ways to bring the enthusiasm and message from a live customer story to a broader audience:

1. Share Quotes on Social

As customers speak, collect powerful quotes and photos to post on social media in real time, tagged with relevant hash tags. 

2. Request a Written Case Study for Every Live Presentation

A client recently held its annual customer summit, where about a dozen customers presented their case studies live.

The company asked that every customer earning a speaking slot also participated in documenting a written version of their story. First, this ensured that the story lived on. And second, by creating a written story as customers prepared their slides, the document served as a guideline for flow and what to include.

3. Record and Post Online

Will the customer agree to your posting the recorded session on your YouTube channel? 

4. Blog about the Presentations, Case Studies

Leading up, and following the event I mentioned, the company highlighted those customer case studies on its blog, creating content that it could then socialize again on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Just remember, as with any public use of customer-generated content, get permission.

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