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A Free Webinar
6 Traits of Case Studies that Compel and Sell: How Writers Can Deliver Stories That Sell

Customer case studies are a hot area for freelance writers. LOTS of organizations are capturing the success stories of their happy customers – and turning to freelance writers to help them do so.

It’s fun work that’s never the same, and it’s lucrative. The typical 2-page case study commands $1000-$1500, on average.

As a writer, how can you deliver case studies that resonate with the audience – and sell for your clients?

In this 1-hour, free webinar, pick up a few tips for making your case studies effective for your clients. With stronger stories, you can command high rates and keep clients coming back.

You’ll learn…

  • Why businesses need customer case studies more than ever
  • Why case studies work in marketing and selling
  • What written case studies look like
  • The writer’s role in the process of capturing case studies
  • How to get the 6 must-have pieces for case studies that compel and sell, from engaging quotes to powerful metrics

This isn’t a sales webinar. I share REAL information to improve your case studies today.

2 Responses to No-Cost Webinar: 6 Traits of Case Studies that Compel & Sell

  1. Anne Hunter says:

    Due to technical difficulty, the Feb. 6 webinar was cancelled. When will the next one be held?

  2. Casey Hibbard says:

    Hi Anne,

    I’m glad you posted here because all my emails to you have bounced back. The rescheduled webinar took place last Thursday. Here’s the link to download the recording:


    If you can send me an alternate email address, I can send you the bonus I gave away as well.