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Have you ever tried to cook something and just didn’t have all the right ingredients? Or build something and a part was missing?

You simply can’t construct something effectively without all the parts and pieces. The same goes for customer case studies and success stories.

That’s why the information-gathering process – the time when you collect all the information you need for a customer story – is just as important as the writing process. Your story is only as strong as the information you have with which to construct it.

This is the time to be prepared and be thorough. A few tips…

ID story goals – What are the goals for the story? Tap key sales and marketing contacts to understand exactly what messages will have the most impact in a certain story based on the audience and how it will be used.

Map questions to goals – Design and type out your interview questions strategically ahead of time. Match them exactly to the information you need to collect to make your story strong and compelling to the audience.

Maybe even send the questions to your interviewees ahead of time so they are more prepared.

Ask a lot of questions – When you have the attention of contacts, be comprehensive. It’s much harder to go back later to get something you may have missed.

To minimize the amount of time you require of customer contacts, collect as much background as possible from internal contacts before ever talking to the customer.

Be focused and targeted with your questions and you’ll have the best building blocks available for a strong customer story.

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