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Photos make customer stories much more engaging. But it can be tough to get quality shots of actual customer sites or consistent-looking head shots of customer contacts that are spread around the world.

Instead, try using an industry photo, one that represents the featured customer’s business. Great-West Healthcare in Denver does this nicely on their customer success stories.

For example, for a case study on a company that makes ski resort chair lifts, the layout includes a skier at top. It’s much faster and easier to get a professional-quality stock photo than asking for these from the customer, and it’s a polished, attractive approach.

2 Responses to Snazz-Up Case Studies with Industry Photos

  1. Hm, i agree, it is hard to get good pictures.
    But it is worth digging for them. Stock-Photos are always Stock-Photos and everybody recognizes it. And Doppelmayr has wonderful Pics from its products: http://www.doppelmayr.at/
    Regards from Hamburg, Germany

  2. Casey says:

    Hi Harry,
    You make a really good point! Stock photos might be the lazy way, especially when a customer has fabulous photos of its own like Doppelmayr.
    It’s worth taking the time to pursue actual customer photos, and leave stock photos for times when you just can’t get anything from the customer.
    The main point is, use a photo that is a dynamic representation of the industry or company being featured, rather than staid photos of people meeting in a conference room. (Used way too often!)