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We have all experienced the power of a story – learning a lesson as a child, being moved by the plight of a disaster victim, or listening to a grandparent reminisce.

Great stories have similar traits. But what makes a customer case study or success story – designed to influence a buyer – compelling to the audience?

An effective customer story has three dynamics at work:

1. Credibility

We hear lots of sweeping promises in sales and marketing. By showcasing a happy customer, you go beyond promises or mere name-dropping. A story provides evidence that you deliver what you promise to a specific customer.

A true story reassures buyers that you are a real company providing valuable, reliable solutions to customers.

2. Education

Sure, you understand exactly how your solutions work. But prospects need help seeing how a product or service will work in their environments. They must be able to visualize the “solution in action” in their own setting.

A customer story becomes your “for example,” an anecdote that shows instead of just tells.

3. Validation

Buyers need to know, is it worth the time and money to invest in this product or service? Even if the status quo is problematic for a customer, you have to show that making the switch will pay off in the end – and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Every customer story you create should hit on all three dynamics. Stay tuned for more discussion here on each of these areas!

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