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The ease and viral nature of video makes it a compelling format for sharing a customer’s story.

While it seems nearly everyone nowadays understands video is a powerful communications tool, most are unfamiliar with the technologies that take advantage of this medium’s full potential.

I’m super impressed with new video technology that completely changes the viewer’s experience.


My friend John Evans at LIGHTGROUP, a full-service media company, recently showed me the latest bells and whistles possible with video.

“We are in an on-demand generation,” Evans says. “Which translates into providing viewers not only authentic, compelling stories with quality production values, but moreover offers them a genuine, rich media experience.”

With video players like AccelaCast, you can give viewers an interactive experience, going way beyond the traditional linear video format:

  • Choose your drop-in point – Give audiences an agenda or table of contents where they CHOOSE which subject matter to watch
  • Link to resources – Let viewers click for more resources, like written case studies, white papers, demos or more in-depth video content
  • Let viewers search – A search field lets audiences look for specific content in a written transcript and then drop into that point in the actual video
  • Offer “Ask a Question” links – Give the viewer a way to ask a question, which is emailed directly to the relevant contact in your organization
  • Help your viewer “Invite a Friend” – At any point, the viewer can invite a friend to drop into an exact point in your video content
  • Survey viewers – Get feedback right at the consumption point regarding what prospects want to know more about
  • Enable printing – Allow prospects to print your information
  • Report on viewer preferences – Imagine knowing exactly what sections of video a prospect viewed, and for how long, with in-depth metrics. This can include all kinds of registration data that you might want to use as lead generation tool.
  • Encourage action – Give prospects a way to take next steps immediately: schedule a demo, contact a representative or request more information

With these capabilities, Evans says, your video can stay “evergreen” by featuring compelling stories and then directing viewers to more detailed information thru links that can be periodically updated or changed.

Use your video case studies in multiple ways. Stream the video online, in an email window or at a trade show kiosk.

Feature one customer’s extended story, or allow prospects to hear from multiple customers.

See an Example

To see a sample of an interactive player, visit this site. Hint: The up arrow in the middle of the viewing frame pops up a menu of viewer options.

2 Responses to Video Customer Case Studies – Empowering the Viewer

  1. This is good information to know. There sure have been some great improvements. Still video isn’t my thing yet.

  2. Casey Hibbard says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I know what you mean. Video takes a whole different approach, tools, skills, etc. It’s nice to know that the technology is getting better and maybe easier for regular folks to use.