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Patience is a necessary part of the customer story process, especially when you’re waiting for a customer to approve a written draft.

Today, one of my clients needed a freshly created story for a sales conversation with a prospect, but the customer hasn’t approved it yet. If a story names the customer, you just can’t use it unless it’s approved for public use.

You may have a trade show coming up, a hot sales opportunity, or a reporter waiting for the story, but customers have their own hoops to go through. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to encourage them to hurry.

While waiting for official approval, you can leverage the highlights of a story. Pull out the key messages and benefits‚ without mentioning the customer’s name‚ and drop them anecdotally in emails or in conversations with prospects. So, you still benefit from using a real customer example while you wait patiently for formal approval.

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