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It can be tough to find customer successes within your customer base. Online customer forums help organizations uncover those stories, says Alexandra Tursi of Kelliher Samets Volk.

Her recent blog post, The Upside of Online Buzz, recommends online forums to learn the good and the bad about customer experiences. But sometimes the good is really good – and worth capturing.

Utilize customer forums to engage in honest conversations with users of your product. Often, you’ll be delighted to discover how customers are using your product or service. This also opens the door to gaining genuine insight into a product or service’s successes or failures. From a public relations perspective, this is also a good way to show that a company is listening to valid complaints or questions and responding. A benefit to all in the end. Our client Concept2 has been doing this for years and it’s helped the PR team find wonderful customer stories that have turned into media hits.

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