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Just like a sales pitch, it’s essential to be organized when approaching customers about participating in case studies and success stories.

They want to know exactly what’s involved, how you plan to use their stories, and how they benefit.

Create what I call a “pitch package,” which provides all the details customers need to make the decision about being featured as a success story.

Here’s what you might include in your pitch package:

Samples of past stories, Provide 2 to 3 current case studies or success stories in their final format, or links back to the stories on your Web site.

If you’ve never created any before, go online to companies you respect and whose success stories you like and pull those as examples of what yours will look like.

One-page description of the process and usage, Create a one-page document that describes your success-story process, from end-to-end, and covers how the story will be used. Include a few points about the benefits for that customer.

Interview questionnaire, Customers appreciate knowing what you plan to ask them. Send them your list of planned questions, but ideally, conduct the actual interview live or via phone. (Email is not interactive.)

The release form, If your organization uses a legal release form for customers to provide approval, give customers a copy ahead of time so they know what to expect.

By assembling all this information in a single email to potential candidates, they can easily forward it on to others in the company.

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