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Copywriters: Want to make more money with case studies?

Then your stories HAVE to SELL.

Join me on Wednesday, September 8 at 9 PDT/12 EDT for a no-cost, one-hour teleclass:

For Case Study Copywriters: 8 Secrets for Writing Stories That Sell (More)

In this one-hour call, you’ll take away tips to help you create better case studies and be more valuable to your clients or company:

  1. The #1 way to “wow” your client or boss – What questions can you ask your client so you deliver more on-target stories?
  2. How to case your client’s competition – Case studies must sell against the competition. Do you know what to look for and how to write a story that competes?
  3. “Magic” questions to get featured customers to tell you more – How do you get hesitant interviewees to share more details of their experience?
  4. How to uncover measurable results – How can you help featured customers measure their results?
  5. Writing stories that pull prospects in – What tactics make a story more engaging and keep prospects reading?
  6. How to give executive decision-makers what they want in a case study – With time-pressed decision-makers, how do you help them glean information faster?
  7. Adding navigational “signposts” to your stories – Do you know how to cater to skim readers?
  8. Getting the customer’s “tears ‘n fears” – Why is emotion important and how do you weave it into your case studies?

Take away tips to help you write better case studies and be more valuable to your clients. In other words, make more money!

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