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This morning, a perfect example of customer case studies in action arrived in my inbox.

The subject line reads: “Webinar – How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software.”

One of my clients, Parature, is taking a case study a step further by having a happy customer speak about her experience using the software.

Once again, the power of letting the customer say it for you shines through. It provides credibility, education and validation.

I imagine Parature would receive less interest and signups if one of its own spoke instead, with an alternate subject line reading: “Webinar – Increase Self-Service Rates with Parature Customer Service Software.”

More compelling, the email goes on to mention a few highlights of the customer’s results and best practices.

Case Studies for Lead Gen/Nurturing

Some say case studies are more appropriate for later in the sales cycle – when prospects are validating solutions.

But really, is there any time in the sales cycle when a happy customer’s experience isn’t more compelling to a prospect than web copy laden with features and capabilities?

Early on like this, prospects and customers register for the webinar and Parature then has information with which to keep in touch and nurture relationships.

Which Comes First – Written/Video Case Study or Webinar?

A written and/or video case study perfectly complements the “case study webinar.” But which first?

Create the written/video story first, as Parature did. For starters, it allows you to scope out the customer’s story in depth before planning a webinar. Are they actually seeing results and how strong are they? Do you think the customer’s personality would lend itself well to a webinar presentation?

Then, create a story that the customer approves and publish a link to the full case for webinar attendees to view and download. It gives them something that they can then pass along to colleagues also involved in the decision.

Most importantly, think of ways, like Parature, to integrate the voices of your most successful customers in all your marketing efforts, from lead gen to upselling to current customers.

Have you tried case study webinars and what’s been the response? What other ways are you using case studies for lead generation?

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