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proof it

Customer case studies and success stories change hands – a LOT.

On average, 3-4 different people review a story before it’s finalized. At times, it can be twice that many.

Each review is an another opportunity for errors and typos to creep in.

Don’t expect reviewers to find these errors. Most are not proofing for perfection, but rather for content.

Whether you’re a writer or manager of the project, make sure every story gets a final proofing.

Pick a proofer

Ideally, select someone who hasn’t seen the document all along, just to do the proofing.

If not, then the writer usually assumes this role.

Build it into the process

Team members can be eager to get an approved case study out for use.

But make it mandatory that the case study goes through this final proofing phase before it goes out for public consumption.

Read carefully

Especially if you wrote the story, read it carefully.

Maybe even print it out so your eyes see it differently. You’ll catch things you wouldn’t see on the screen.

Beware errors in design

If the story is going into a design template, proof it again after it’s in that format.

A perfect Word doc can end up with words missing in the layout process.

Being detail-oriented pays off. You don’t want prospects to find an ugly typo in your hard-earned case study.

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