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It can be really tough to get customers to go public with their stories.

But the prospect of winning an award gets customers on board – fast!

Your products and services are helping customers do innovative, progressive things. Why not submit those examples for industry awards where you both get some of the glory?

Just last week, I helped a client capture two of its best customer success stories to submit for two different awards programs in my client’s industry.

And get this…Both featured customers are major, nationally known companies.

My client’s customers were all over the idea, even mentioning how excited they were in the interviews. Plus, the prospect of an award deadline got the customers to MOVE quickly.

Somehow, submitting for awards doesn’t require (in most companies) the usual PR/legal approval that customer case studies do, but you still get a positive story out publicly- if you win.

If the entry wins, everyone benefits:

  • The individuals at your customer companies receive praise internally for their efforts.
  • The customer company receives positive press.
  • You, as the vendor, receive attention for being part of award-winning efforts. You can then turn around and publicize that every chance you get.
  • Moreover, once your customer has won an award, they’re often more likely to allow you to publish that tale as a case study or success story.

2010 Action Steps:

  1. Search online for awards relevant to your industry and mark them on your calendar.
  2. Select some customers that you’d like to submit.
  3. Capture their stories well in advance.
  4. Fill out the award application for the customer.
  5. Get the customer’s approval of the award submission.
  6. Go back later and ask if you can simply put that information into a public case study.

If you win, tell everyone!

Any great success stories to share about submitting customers’ stories for awards?

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