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In just the past six months, marketers have really begun embracing social media. They’re blogging, building Facebook fans and Tweeting.

Yet, much of it is still experimentation.

The question is, how do you get people to link to the content on your site from social media venues?

Case studies are a top draw for technology buyers, but mostly linked from blogs and wikis versus other social media, according to a recent report from IDG Knowledge Hub.

blog content 

The report, Social Media and the IT Investment Process: Linking Social Conversations to Content, includes findings from a survey of 100 information technology buying team members regarding the links they most want to see.

According to the report, the wrong content types can be worse than none at all.

“Over 40% of social media participants are interested in pursuing links to vendor-generated content…Winners’ will be vendors that build a relevant content bridge to draw the conversation towards their own hosted platforms and insight.”

What works?

The report points out that preferences vary by investment type, buying role and the type of business impact (technical, financial, business impact).

Here are the top three preferred content items for various social media tools:

Blogs: Case study, advertisement, tutorial/how-to

Discussion boards/forums: Tutorial/how-to, free-event registration, evaluation version

Messaging/live chat: Free-event registration, ROI calculator, presentation

Microblogs: Advertisement, technical knowledgebase, free-event registration

Social networks: Free-event registration, advertisement, ROI calculator

Wikis: Tutorial/how-to, technical white paper, case study 

Do you track your content consumption by incoming links? What are you seeing in terms of linkage from social media?

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