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When I hear a good success story, I want to share it. And this time, it’s about my website.

I’m a small business.

As other small biz owners out there can likely attest, often the key to sanity (and profitability) is knowing what to do in house and what to hire out.

Minor updates or changes to my website definitely fall into the in-house category. I want the flexibility to make changes fast and without fees here and there.

Now I can. The "how" is what’s interesting.

I moved my entire Stories That Sell website onto a WordPress blog platform on the urging of my longtime web guy, Ray Gulick of Evolution Web Development (Evo).

Evo created the award-winning Evo4 CMS WordPress theme platform.

The move immediately gave me two huge benefits:

  1. Allows me to change content dynamically
  2. Boosts my site traffic

I should have done this sooner! Here’s why:

Search engines love change
If you blog, then you know how easy it is to publish content up on the web immediately.

Now, the same goes for my website. It’s about the easiest and cheapest content management system I could have.

Not only is my blog integrated right into my site (so blog readers see site navigation), but I can change ALL the other content on there easily – add new articles, update event dates, put up a press release.

As Ray says, "blogs are search engine magnets," with frequently updated, relevant content, so a blog platform naturally gives the site a traffic edge.

200+ percent more traffic
With the move, my blog now lives on my main book website, so anyone visiting the blog may browse the rest of the site.

That alone raised my site traffic more than 200 percent in the weeks following the change.

Moving forward, my site’s traffic should continue increasing because of the search engine effects of regularly changing content.

I didn’t realize the power of dynamic content until now.

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One Response to My Success Story: Small Biz Owner Takes Control of Website

  1. Ray Gulick says:

    Casey – I’m thrilled to hear of your 200% increase in traffic. That’s way beyond what I would ever lead people to expect, but I’m from the under-promise/over-deliver school of thought. Thanks for the shout out, and keep on bloggin’.