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What marketing collateral is most influential in B2B technology purchases?

A recent survey offers some answers.

In July 2009, Eccolo Media conducted its second annual B2B Technology Collateral Survey. The 501 respondents included C-level executives, vice presidents (VPs), managers, directors, developers/programmers, and technicians.

Once again, white papers topped the list of collateral that influences technology purchases.

But we’re pleased to report that case studies were a close second. (Go Team Case Studies!)

Here are a few standout stats from this year’s survey:

Two-thirds relied on them in the past six months – 69 percent of respondents used a case study to help make a purchasing decision over the past six months—a 10 percent increase over the 2008 results.

The majority found them influential – 79 percent felt that case studies were moderately to extremely influential in making a purchasing decision.

They share them with colleagues – 85 percent of the people who influence or make technology decisions share case studies with others.

White papers and case studies are most influential – Product brochures and data sheets are behind white papers and case studies in terms of influence.

Written case studies are preferred – Two thirds of respondents preferred written case studies followed by one-third preferring video and a small percentage preferring audio testimonials.

Check out the full survey results – and consider ways to integrate customer stories more into your 2010 marketing plans.